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Labiaplasty: Creating the perfect vagina? | 20/20 | NZ Herald| 31 July 2013

NZ Herald labiaplasty documentaryEXCLUSIVE: More and more New Zealand women are undergoing plastic surgery to change their genital appearance... nzherald.co.nz spoke to one such woman, a plastic surgeon and their critics.
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Tummy Tuck | Metro | June 2010

tummy tuck media review(Mr Murray Beagley) says tummy tuck (abdominoplasty) surgery is a commonly performed procedure and can produce dramatic and life-changing results...
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New Rooms for Plastic Surgeon Murray Beagley | Verve Magazine| April 2010

New Rooms for Plastic Surgeon Local plastic surgeon Murray Beagley will move to beautiful newly refurbished rooms in May '10. The move to Suite 6 in the Auckland Surgical Centre at 9 St Marks Rd, Remuera will provide the luxury of lots of space...
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No Plastic? Fantastic! | Beautiful You Magazine | vol 9 | page 32

Plastic Fantastic media reviewAlthough it’s a common misconception that plastic surgery is somehow related to the use of plastic or synthetic materials, the word 'plastic' actually stems from the Greek word 'plastiko', meaning to mold or shape...
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On Being a Cosmetic Surgeon | Beautiful You Magazine | vol 8 | page 24

om being a cosmetic surgeon reviewBeautiful You Magazine spoke with Cosmetic and Reconstructive Surgeons... to find out how New Zealand surgeons gain their cosmetic surgery qualifications...
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The Cosmetic Surgery Controversy | Beautiful You Magazine | vol 8 | pages 42-43

cosmetic surgery controversy reviewWe are always striving to improve patient safety,” explains Beagley. “This includes ensuring that surgeons undertaking cosmetic surgery are appropriately trained and are not just ‘cosmetic cowboys’...
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