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Labiaplasty | Labial Reduction Genitoplastic Surgery

Murray Beagley is New Zealand’s most highly trained and experienced genito-plastic surgeon with labiaplasty correction surgery being one of the operations he performs most commonly. The last decade has seen a steady rise in the number of women seeking genital remodelling and Murray regularly sees 2-3 women each week regarding labiaplasty surgery.

Reasons for Labiaplasty Surgery

One’s appreciation of the genital region is a very personal issue. While there is a wide range of normal labia, increasingly women are becoming more aware of the appearance of their genitals. Some women find that physical processes like childbirth and ageing may alter the appearance of the female genitalia including the labia minora and majora. Other women note that their genitals have never looked the same as their peers and have always caused them embarrassment particularly in intimate situations.

Functional problems, such as difficulty wearing certain trousers or bathing suits, riding horses or bicycles or even discomfort or pain with intercourse, are often cited as reasons for wanting surgical correction in this region. Thankfully there is much that can be done to restore or alter the appearance of the female genitalia.

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Labiaplasty Surgery Techniques

Surgery to sculpt and reshape the delicate folds and structures of the labia usually involves a one to two hour surgical procedure under sedation and local anaesthetic in Mr Beagley’s purpose-built surgical suite. Should one desire, the surgery can be performed under a full general anaesthetic in the Auckland Surgical Centre downstairs. The most commonly requested Labiaplasty surgery is reduction of the inner labia (minora) to avoid protrusion beyond the outer labia (majora). Other Labiaplasty surgeries performed include clitoral hood reduction, labia majora reduction and symmetrisation of the labia.

The techniques that Mr Beagley currently uses are largely based on those developed by Gary Alter, a dual trained Urologist and Plastic Surgeon, who is currently one of the most experienced and most published genitoplastic surgeons in the world. Murray has visited Dr Alter at both his New York and Beverley Hills practices to learn his techniques first hand. He has visited other leading surgeons around the globe to learn the subtleties of labiaplasty surgery and prides himself on delivering the highest standard of care for his patients. Murray has lectured on genital surgery at the NZ Association for Plastic Surgeons Conference in 2009, as Invited Speaker at the Plastic Surgery Congress on the Gold Coast in 2010 and was an Invited Speaker at the Australasian Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons in July 2013 in Port Douglas where he gave two presentations on labiaplasty. His main presentation on Female Genitoplastic Surgery gained the award for Best Maiden Presentation at the meeting.

Murray Beagley's Philosophy

Mr Murray Beagley’s philosophy is to create as natural an appearance as possible without visible scarring or alteration in sensation. Furthermore this delicate surgery is undertaken to minimise complications and allow a predictable aesthetic and functional outcome.

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Labiaplasty Consultations

Prior to surgery, most patients are seen twice for consultation. It is critical to ensure that the correct surgical plan is established and that both surgeon and patient agree on the operative plan and the expected outcome. The consultation involves a discussion about the patient's concerns and then an examination. This examination takes place with one of Mr Beagley's female staff present in the room as a chaperone. For reasons of privacy, Mr Beagley does not display any images of labiaplasty patients on his website. Numerous cases of anonymous previous patients are able to viewed during the consultation. Furthermore, numerous previous patients are available to be contacted anonymously following a consultation to discuss any concerns.

Labiaplasty Complications

It is important to recognise that any surgery has a risk of complications. While labiaplasty complications are exceedingly uncommon when the surgery is performed expertly, the small potential for these is discussed at the consultation. The most common potential complications are bleeding, minor infection, incision breakdown, scarring, suture/stitch irritation and pain. When all healing has occurred, there may also be changes in pigmentation, or asymmetry. The vast majority of these complications settle spontaneously without the need for further surgical intervention.

Should any intending patient wish, there are many previous patients who are happy to discuss their experience with surgery and address any concerns. These discussions can take place anonymously via email or telephone.

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Labiaplasty: Creating the perfect vagina? 12:36 PM Wednesday Jul 31, 2013

EXCLUSIVE: More and more New Zealand women are undergoing plastic surgery to change their genital appearance. While reasons for the surgery, called labiaplasty, vary from woman to woman, it is often those who have felt uncomfortable with their genitalia for years. spoke to one such woman, a plastic surgeon and their critics.

There are many previous Labiaplasty patients who are happy to discuss their experience with surgery and address any concerns. These discussions can take place anonymously via email or telephone.

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