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I hated my large breasts! | Beautiful You Magazine | Spring 2009 | page 38

I hated my breasts reviewI feel so much more comfortable ... My back has been pain free. I can jump around and not worry about my breasts hitting my face!...
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Abdominoplasty Q & A with Dr Murray Beagley | Beautiful You Magazine | vol 7 | page 32-33

Abdominoplasty reviewThe ideal candidate for abdominoplasty is someone who has a saggy or protruding abdomen as a result of weight loss or pregnancies where the skin has previously been stretched and has failed to recoil satisfactorily...
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Trim shape a dream come true | Multimedia Publishing | Woman Today | Healthwise | Positive Living | 2008

Trim Shape a dream come trueAfter giving birth to twin boys, North Island woman, Caroline Jones was left with what she describes as a "very saggy, baggy tummy with lots of excess skin. I wanted to have surgery to have the skin removed, but wasn't in a financial position to do so... download media review PDF - Trim shape a dream come true

Scheduling-in Surgery | Beautiful You Magazine | vol 3 | Spring/Summer 2006

Scheduling in surgeryBeautiful You talks to a busy corporate woman about why she undertook plastic surgery with Murray Beagley... Most of us lead busy lives and the suggestion of having a long wanted operation for enhancement seems...
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Eyelid Surgery Q & A about Blepharoplasty | Beautiful You Magazine | pages 26-29

Eyelid surgery Q & AThe eyes are the first facial feature people observe and unfortunately they are also one of the first to show the signs of ageing. Ageing is an irreversible, relentless process of tissue degeneration resulting in loss of elasticity...
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