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Hand Surgery - (before & after photos above)

A wide range of problems can occur in the hand. These may be due to disease, malformations, trauma, or previous surgery. In many cases surgery may be recommended because it can relieve pain and improve function.

Photos show malformed hand before and after hand surgery by top hand surgeon, Murray Beagley.

Hand surgery is Mr Beagley’s special area of interest. After his five years of plastic surgery training in New Zealand, he spent a further 2 years extending his knowledge in hand surgery at leading hospitals in the United Kingdom and won the European Gold Medal for best hand surgery. He performs complex wrist and hand surgery involving tendon and nerves in both adults and children, in addition to more common hand conditions such as carpal tunnel and de Quervain’s.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome:

hand surgery - carpal tunnel syndromeThe carpal tunnel is the narrow passage that runs between the wrist and hand. The median nerve and nine tendons pass through the carpal tunnel. These tendons and the nerve are responsible for movement and sensation in the fingers, thumb and palm. Bones of the wrist (carpal bones form the back wall of the carpal tunnel.

Although the exact cause of carpal tunnel syndrome is often not clear, it may occur when the tendons become inflamed and put pressure on the median nerve. People who require treatment are usually between the ages of 20 and 60 years. This condition occurs more often in women and can be aggravated by pregnancy. Forceful repetitive activities may worsen carpal tunnel syndrome particularly in cold weather.

Swelling associated with other hand problems such as arthritis or wrist fracture can cause or aggravate it. Common symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome include tingling sensation and numbness of the hand, sharp pains through the arm and sometimes up the shoulder, pain associated with gripping, a tendency to drop objects and a decrease in hand-motor skills. Symptoms often occur at night or on waking and may worsen during the day. Carpal Tunnel surgery can open the tunnel and relieve pressure on the median nerve. The complete 'Hand and Wrist Surgery' pamphlet is available from Dr Beagley.

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